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This is the unofficial English-language wiki for Harumaki Gohan, a vocaloid producer who composes, writes, and animates for his music videos. This wiki aims to make information about Harumaki Gohan, his music, and his stories, more accessible to an English speaking audience.

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Who is Harumaki Gohan?

Harumaki Gohan 2021

Harumaki Gohan's profile picture as of 2021. He tends to change it yearly.

Harumaki Gohan is a musician who is best known for his vocaloid music, though recently he has been releasing self covers of his vocaloid tracks almost as often. He is well known for the unique way he tunes Hatsune Miku, giving her a cute, high-pitched singing voice unlike that of any other producers. Most of his tracks could be classified as synth pop, although he is also famous for his acoustic sounds. Some of his music, especially around the Blue Ending Nova era, could even fall under the category of rock music. Needless to say, he is a unique musician with a surprisingly large range.

In addition to his music, however, he is perhaps most famous for animating his own music videos, which he did independently up until 2019 when he founded Studio Gohan and hired animation assistants. Even after founding a studio, he is still the lead animator of every project he works on. His art style is similar to chibi art, it's simple and appealing, and his character designs are cute and memorable despite, or perhaps because of their simplicity. Along with the way he draws characters, his landscape art and ability to craft immersive and beautiful environments are what makes his music videos so popular. In recent years, he has started dedicating multiple songs (and even entire albums) to the same characters.

Harumaki Gohan's most popular works include Melty Land Nightmare, Aster, and Futari No.

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